Why a new website?

Okay, so I have launched a new website: Helpful Conversations

The main purpose of this website is for future business when I am not fully employed as I am now. Currently I only undertake very limited private business when in my own time, and as long as it does not conflict with my paid employment.

Any private work I take on currently adds to my CPD (Continuing Professional Development) portfolio which is for the purpose of maintaining professional registrations.

The website will also act as a vehicle to put across some of my ideas about Solution Focus, and hopefully become a link site for other SF practitioners in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

I have no intention of leaving paid employment and becoming a freelance consultant/trainer; I did this for 6 years in UK and to be honest I found it quite difficult in terms of maintaining a balance of getting enough work and staying (un)conflicted around my non paid SF interests. It is difficult in my experience, for anyone to promote SF or become involved in SF activities for altruistic purposes when that is also the main source of personal income. That is not to say that it is impossible, just difficult, and I am absolutely not judging others, just speaking for myself.

To clarify further, everyone has a right to make a living and I applaud those that can do so selling SF services, there is a duality there where the approach is also propagated through those businesses, and good on em I say. However, I prefer to put my SF case forward and take part voluntarily in groups and projects that are not dependent on me earning a living from it.

I appreciate any feedback on my website, and feel free to contact me if you would like a link.

Happy 2017.